Apartment 3 in 9 Months

1 07 2011

Today I have moved again :)…it sounds like I am a really picky person, but it is not that. The first time I moved it was to get closer to friends and so on, and now I moved in with a good friend of mine in Dublin, Monika. Luckily I had Monika and Ross to help me. Ross came over yesterday and we started the packing, and continued today. Then today we all helped move stuff over to the new apartment, which is in the next block. I really appreciated their help, because I did not pack all that well this time, so I really needed all their support. I think we made the whole transfer in 4 trips or so. So it was not too bad. And we had a lot of good laughs on the way.

After transporting everything to the new apartment, we went over to the nearby supermarket and bought some supplies, came home and cooked some pizza and made garlic bread. They were delicious MMMMM. We chatted and laughed a bit (or a lot) more, and then they left and I got to do the actual unpacking :S. It did not take too long, around 30minutes, and now everything is in its place WEEEEEE. I now look forward to next Tuesday when I am having a sort of housewarming/Maltese evening for my closest friends. But more about that later 🙂

Thank you Monika and Ross. Without you it would have required much more effort, and you made it so much fun 🙂 We are a great team 🙂

Update: as I had a complaint. I also had a call from my sister as she moved house today as well. We showed each other our new apartment (though mine is not much too different to the other I had before). Jealous of my sister…they have a big window and a balcony in their bedroom 😦