A hectic week

5 03 2011

Another week is over, and it has truly been hectic, though Monday/Tuesday were overall OK. However on Wednesday I got roped in to do some sampling/analysis in the next week on a very exciting project to replace a girl who will be away, Thursday was a day of demonstrations and Friday was a day of meeting for the Questor@DCU people. Although I have been quite busy, it was a good busy, although I felt a bit overwhelmed at times especially Wednesday. However I now look forward to the next couple of weeks. If things keep on going this way (please please please yes) I will be overall quite pleased.

Most of the things on this week were research related, and so you can find more information on my research blog (soon).


Research Blog: On your marks…get set…go

5 10 2010

I have updated my research blog, based on yesterday’s meeting. Please visit the link to learn more about what I have been up to.

My PhD and my Blog :)

3 10 2010

OK, so it had been suggested (insisted?), that I have two blogs to keep up with. One is this personal blog where I can write about what I do and activities I have participated in etc. The other should be a research blog. Where I only put down posts related to my research. This would be a more formal sort of blog. I had written the first post quite a while ago. However I never informed anyone about it. Because, who would visit it, when I did not have anything to say. However, next Monday (tomorrow 🙂 ), I should be getting the first details of my project. Last Friday, all I did was mainly administrative stuff. I still have some more such stuff to do. However, I should have a meeting regarding the research portion of my project (about time hihi).

Therefore my research blog should start being updated more (WEEEEE). Please go visit it, if you are interested in what I am up to at Uni and my ‘academic life’: VISIT ME!