Day six: Home time :( and Final Thoughts

14 06 2011

We got up early enough as we had to be at the airport at 10:30am for Ann’s flight to Luton. We said our goodbyes and headed straight through security. We had no trouble there. It was definitely a lot easier than security at Dublin Airport. We were two hours early for our flight but on time for Ann’s. We queued up with her until we could go no further. We then went to our gate where we got to the top of the non –priority queue but didn’t get our front seats. We got seats beside sweaty mc sweaterson . It was depressing landing in Dublin with the clouds and cold [It definitely was 😦 :(] after our great weekend .

Finally thoughts: 

Overall it was great holiday. Malta is a great place to visit as it’s steeped in history and the people our lovely. My highs were the temples, Mdina by night, swimming with the Fenechs, Seaside reataurant and the fishing village. My lows were getting burnt but apparently I can’t avoid that. I’d like to thank all the Fenechs for their wonderful family [Thank you…I chose my family especially to make you happy with them :P] especially Cec’s Mum for putting up with all of us. I’d also like to thank Bernard for driving us around and being our tour guide. Ann it was great to finally have a conversation with you and you’re as nice as you sounded on Gmail chat. Also want to thank Stephen for giving up his room for me. Zahra and Ali , it was great to a have you with us your cooking and company made the trip great. Last but not least I have to thank Cec for inviting me without her the whole trip wouldn’t be possible. She’s a great host , tour guide and lab mate [WEEEEEEEEE]. I will definitely be back to Malta [OH NOOOOO!!!!!!! LOL…you are welcome whenever you want].

By Ross O’Dwyer


Malta Day one: Beginnings

9 06 2011

After our lab meeting where Cec was told that apparently she’s a cheap skate we left DCU. When we left at around  one it was really sunny and warm we had to take off our jumpers on our walk to the bus. I had my sexy new hand luggage and Zahra had a monster of a suitcase. I don’t know what was in it but it was heavy. We met Ali at the airport and he was carrying two more bags.  We had slight delays getting the Iranians through check-in and security with over loaded bags and misplaced passports but we got there. We waited at the gate for Zahra to buy perfume so Cec and I took our place in the queue and let Zahra and Ali skip in front of us. I was paranoid that they would check my bag size and say it was too big but luckily they didn’t. Cec the cunning maltese  girl got us great seats up front in the plane so I could fit my lanky legs. We slept and played hang man on the plane for a while and Zahra had her four sugar coffee.

We landed 10 mins early but had to wait 10 mins for Z and A to fill out some immigration paperwork. Cec and I went straight out to the arrivals to be greeted by Bernard and Cec’s mum while Zahra and Ali got their luggage. I was expecting more of a romantic embrace with Cec and Bernard but that didn’t happen.  Zahra Ali and I went here mums car and cec went with Bernard for some alone time. We arrived at the Fenech household ten minutes later. The house was really big and nicely decorated. We were shown to our rooms. I was to be put in Stephen Fenech’s room in Cec’s bed (Side note from Cecilia: I was not sleeping in my bed, hence Ross could sleep in it). It was complicated! The room was really nice and spacious though. We then went down to the kitchen for some home cooked grub which consisted of vegetable broth which Cec complained was too hot and some nice stuffed marrow which I had never had before.  It was lovely but according to Cec I say everything is lovely so u can’t go by me.

Then Cecilia and Bernard gave us a tour of Mdina (the original fortified city) by night which was great. I preferred it at night as it was nice and cool, everything was floodlit and there was no sun to burn me! The views were great from the top of the fortifications. We then got a driving tour of the coasts, forts and ports of Malta.  Bernard pointed out all the work he was supervising on the roads and let me tell you they needed work. I thought Irish roads were bad but Malta is in a different league altogether. It was really nice and our tour guides were very informative and helpful. We were quite tired so we went home and went to bed.

Mdina by Night

Mdina by Night

By Ross O’Dwyer

Back in Dublin

3 01 2011

My Christmas trip is over, and I am now back in Dublin and placed all my luggage contents in their place. Before I left home however my mum cooked me some ravjul. The Ryanair flight should leave at 12:30pm, and it is always a bit of an issue. Lunch time would not have been there by the time I leave home (around 11am). But landing is at 3:30pm Irish time (i.e. 4:30pm Malta time), so I always am uncertain about whether I should eat or not. However how could I say no to ravjul?

I made it to the airport, got on the plane and found one of my favourite seats available…a over-wing emergency exit aisle window seat. Everything was going smoothly, the doors closed and we were ready to leave. But no, a technical person suddenly boarded and started looking out of some windows at the wing. The pilot came out and they started discussing. Technical personnel started looking at the wings over and over again. Hmmmm…things did not look good. My hopes of leaving on time were scrapped. But what had happened?

The pilot took it upon himself to advise us of the issue. I appreciated this very much. It is not very common that problems are shared with the public. This commonly leads to more fear. Rather the small announcement he made allayed all our fears. So what was the issue? Apparently the flight on coming to Malta flew at 37000 feet (if I remember well), where temperatures reach -60 deg Celsius. This meant that the plane was very cold. Unfortunately just after boarding, a small rain shower fell. The water which fell on the right wing froze. Due to safety issues, a plane cannot depart with ice on its wings. So what did we do? We waited until the ice melted and the wings were ice free. So after around a 1hour delay we were off and on our way to Dublin.

Lets see how things go here. Tomorrow I have no Uni, since the Uni closure ends on Wednesday. I plan to do some work nonetheless from home and I need to go shopping for some food.

25 days till Ann visits

38 days to see Bernard again

Packing ready…and Ready to go!

29 08 2010

Well…the latest spat of illnesses will not put me down…I have just had a good sleep, and woke up to pack for tomorrow’s flight to Billund :D…now packing is ready and all I can do is wait…tomorrow morning we have a 6:30am flight. Bernard is lovingly coming over for me and mum somewhere around 5:15am so that we make our way to the airport…I might not blog as much in the coming week…will see depending upon PC and internet access. We will be staying at my sister’s boyfriend’s parent’s house for the first few days. Then Wednesday we will make our way to Copenhagen, until Saturday, when we fly back (separate flights…cos mum bought the flight tickets before me and it was too expensive to come back with Norwegian Air, so I bought Air Malta tickets, meaning I have a stop over at Munich (only 1.5hours so quite OK))…have blogged about this when I bought the tickets here.

I look forward to meeting my sister weeee…have not seen her in I do not know how many months…and also to see Denmark…hope all goes well!

Dublin here I come!

4 08 2010

Today it can be considered that I am fully geared to go to Dublin to start my studies (although I am still waiting for official acceptance of my University application, that I sent last week. However today I received this back:

We have received your application, however, my colleague who assesses these applications is currently on leave and will return next Monday, 9th August.  No assessments will be done until she has returned so unfortunately I cannot give you a date as to when you will hear back from us.

We will write to you when we receive a decision on your application from your Supervisor, your DCU student ID number will be included in this letter. 

I am sure (hope?!?) that my supervisor agrees…she should at least…and therefore today after work I have:

1. Paid my deposit for accommodation (I think I actually paid it twice…but I have phoned the bank, and will see what happened)

2. Bought my flight ticket to Dublin. I should be flying out Thursday 30th September. I start Uni on the 1st of October WEEE. it is with Ryanair…cost 82Eur…and I still have to buy luggage :S

I have also taken away my applications for the other two posts for which I have been called for interview at the end of August/beg of September. I have just heard that I haven’t talked about these…well when I came back from Dublin I found 2 emails in my inbox  from two different Universities calling me for a PhD interview…Well I think that this is the post which suits me most and the fact that it pays most does not hurt 😀

I am off to eat! Tata

Denmark here I come!

2 08 2010

Or here I leave actually :D…My mum had bought tickets to go to Denmark to meet my sister and her boyfriend at his parent’s house followed by some time in Copenhagen. I did not buy the tickets before hand since I did not know the details of my PhD..

However I had bought the ticket Malta-Billund tickets some time ago since there were ‘relatively’ cheap Ryanair tickets some time after my mum bought them. However since I am coming back through Copenhagen, I was hoping to wait. My mum bought tickets with Norwegian Air. However by the time I went to buy them, they had skyrocketed in price…surprisingly the August tickets are MUCH CHEAPER than the September tickets…something I cannot understand. I was hoping that once August starts, the September tickets go down again…but to no avail. Therefore today I bought my ticket to come to Malta…however I will be flying AirMalta through Munich…it will take longer…but it is around 100Eur cheaper…so who cares…and I only have a 1.5hour difference between 1 flight and the next…so not much waiting 😀 WEEEEE…in addition it will not be a low cost airline…so I could more easily bring the laptop I should hopefully soon buy!

DENMARK!!…here I come!

Dublin Bublin Day 1

30 07 2010

As said in my previous post, thanks to Bernard’s mum I have access to a PC at home weeeeeee…so whilst my PC is geting fixed, I can still update you on whatever happened in Dublin.

It was an enjoyable 3 days I spent with my mum. On Monday we left Malta at around Midday and caught our Ryanair flight direct to Dublin Airport, where we made our way to our hotel.

Avondale Bed and Breakfast

Our Home in Dublin

We were pleasantly surprised with our room. We had been told we would have shared bathroom facilities. However we had a shower and sink in our room, and only had to share toilets :D. Sharing was with about 10 other people (based on the number of rooms in the vicinity…however some were free I think) and they were kept really clean. Thumbs up to that!

Once we settled in (i.e. plonked our things in our room) we left to go walking around Dublin. We strolled through the city centre and then went to look for something to eat. Restaurants are quite expensive it seems. At one place a pizza costr around Eur14.95…and that was for a basic pizza. We kept searching unil we found somewhere where it cost arond 9Eur for a decent meal :D.

After dinner we went for a walk along the river Liffey which runs through Dublin. Then sat on the river side chatting and left to go home once we got tired to settle down to bed 😀

Day 2 coming soon! (I  hope)