A Christmassy Weekend

13 12 2010

I could say that last weekend was full of Christmas cheer. Here in Dublin the Christmas feeling is in. My first Christmas activity was the Pub Crawl by the BRS last Thursday (read more about that here). At the weekend a couple of other Christmassy activities were held.

On Saturday I went to the OLV young adult group Christmas activity. We were to meet up in town. However I had no idea of where the place was. So I met Ian and Colette at the bus stop and we went into town together. There we were supposed to meet Fabrice at the City Bank (I think). We were expecting him to be on time, but there was no sign of him, and it was cold. After quite a wait it dawned on me that if someone said the bank in Dublin I would not go to the actual place we were but to another place further up the street. Fabrice is from the Mauritius and although he has been living in Dublin for 3 years I thought he might have made the same mistake. So off Ian went and indeed…there he was at the other place.

We quickly went into City Bar where we had to meet the others. It was quite a good group of people and as Emer had booked in we got tables and sofas reserved (although not enough for all of us 🙂 ). We chatted and drank together and I got appalled at the really high prices for eating out in Dublin as usual. We got 2 big platters of food to share consisting of sausages, chips, chicken wings and onion rings. Granted they were big platters, but I doubt their actual cost would be more than €5, or at most €10. So €20 for the platter would be acceptable. These were €40 each. This is normal everywhere here in Dublin and I am slowly getting used to it. And I had lots of fun, which is the most important.

On Sunday I went into town to see the Christmas decorations and shop around the place. Then I met up with Monika, another girl on the ATWARM programme because I had invited her to join me on Meetup for the New and Not so New in Dublin group. I had seen they were going to the Christmas Market at the Docklands and had really wanted to go The promotion states:

The Christmas markets of Germany are famous for evoking an unparalleled magical festive feeling. This year that authentic Germanic magic is coming to the IFSC in Dublin’s Docklands at the Docklands Christmas Market

I admit. I have not been to many German Christmas markets (one in Hyde Park last year to be exact), and have not lived for any length of time in Germany (a total of  around 5.5 weeks counting all trips). But this was certainly not my idea of a German Christmas market. The only German thing I saw was the food…Sausages and beer :). There were no wooden ornaments or anything similar. But we did get healing magnetic bracelets haha. Nevertheless I really enjoyed myself talking to Monika and the other people at the meetup…and…I got a photograph taken with Santa :).

Overall a fun weekend! Christmas here I come 🙂


My First Halloween

29 10 2010

Yesterday, I had my first Halloween celebration :). In Malta we do not really celebrate this day. It is only nowadays that this feast is catching on, particularly with young children in the posher areas of the island. However here in Ireland things seem to be quite different. For the past 4 weeks (since I arrived) I have been seeing decorations in stores, house windows, shops etc. However I was not planning to do anything to celebrate…how do you do it? And on your own to boot.

However, the Biological Research Society at DCU has been in the process of organising a Halloween Party. Although Halloween is actually this weekend, as with most things at DCU, it was organised yesterday. Here most of the students go home at the weekend and so it does make much sense to organise things then.

I had been wanting to go (a bit). But what should I wear? And I did not want to go on my own. Ross, from my lab had said he wanted to go, and so I knew I would have had someone I knew there :). But what should I wear? I did not want to go in normal clothes…they were giving out prizes and one was for the saddest costume…I did not want to get that :S…I enlisted the help of my sister, and her boyfriend suggested dressing up as a cat….hmmmm. I thought about it and I liked the idea 🙂 So yesterday saw me being transformed into a cat (I did not want to buy any costumes…and a black cat sounded easy enough).

Here am I in all my glory as a cat 🙂

Me as a Cat

Me as a Cat

 So I got ready and went over to pick up Ross and his friend (she was his apartment mate, but now has left DCU and is back in Ireland for the week as next week is graduation), and off we went to the pub/bar. Everyone (or nearly everyone) was dressed up. The place was decorated really nicely…congrats to the organising committee.

I actually had a great night out. The company was good, the atmosphere was great…no complaints there 🙂 And for those who were wondering…a guy dressed as Santa got the saddest costume…he was just too early!