The videos are in :)

8 11 2010

Here are some videos 🙂 You can hear the enthusiasm in the room, especially in the first video! I excuse myself for my not so good video skills…the thing was more impressive than I am showing, but anyways, this is the best I could achieve….



8 11 2010

Last weekend I received an email saying that as part of Science Week the Faculty of Science and Health at DCU is hosting ‘The Bubble Show’, sponsored by Discover Science and Engineering by Bubble Master Stephen Allman from ‘Show Me Learning’. The show was mainly aimed at school children but I emailed anyway asking whether I could attend and they said I could certainly go to one of the shows.

Therefore today at 12 saw me going to XG19 where the show was going to be held. I did not know what to expect. I have seen my sister rave about some of the similar kinds of shows she had attended, but had not been to one myself. The children were chatty and noisy and boisterous. But once the show started they were quickly enthralled (me too I must say).

All he said was really accurate scientifically, and I actually learnt a lot too…did you know how to determine when a bubble is going to burst?…look at its colours and you can predict when. It is true. It works. We looked at things like how bubbles form, different bubble sizes, and shapes…bubbles got filled with smoked, played tennis with and hovered in mid air.

Some images/videos will hopefully follow, cos the connection is currently a disaster.

Mapping Science: Malta

25 08 2010

Yesterday, my sister contacted me saying she came across this initiative to map places of scientific interests around the world. She asked whether I would be willing to help her out, and I immediately agreed. However, we decided to map all places  of scientific interest in the Maltese Islands, rather than just 1 city.

We both enjoyed working on it…we searched online and looked up info, and searched our brains to fill up the blanks of the places of scientific interest in Malta (and Gozo). We mentioned the major museums, libraries, educational institutions, laboratories, nature reserves and councils/foundations which are related to science.

I look forward to getting access to other maps…perhaps someone can do the Denmark/Copenhagen one, Strasbourg or Dublin one…I will be visiting these countries next month, and would be cool to be able to have such a map.

Please see the blog post where this map has been listed here. Do not hesitate to comment and do any additions/changes to this map.

You can also see the map here: