Should be asleep

29 08 2010

It is 11pm here in Malta, and I should be asleep, cos tomorrow I have a 6:30am flight to Billund…however I cannot sleep…so came to surf the net to pass the time, and have decided to post a blog post…I have too many thoughts running through my head at the moment in order for me to manage to sleep…am I taking the right decisions with respect to what my life will bring with it from now on?, am I being fair to everyone involved?…I do not want to screw up what I have till now…Am I capable of getting my PhD?…will I manage to move away from home and live in another country? To put the cherry on the cake, I have not been feeling so grand lately…the fever is still on, and I still have a slight cold…but otherwise I am OK…hope everything works out for the best.

I will try to go back to sleep now. Love you all (especially you reading this post whilst half asleep…Thank you)


Why oh Why!

29 08 2010

Why is it, that now that I am off work, and have a holiday planned next week, my immune system decided it needs a break. Yesterday I woke up feeling poorly…my throat was sore, and had a low grade fever all day :(…please note that I just went to the doctor two weeks ago, and finished the course of antibiotics he had given me last Thursday :@. Well, I called my doctor, and he gave me some more antibiotics (hope they will help). Today I woke up still with the slight fever. Took my antibiotics, a panadol, and tried to relax a bit. Now a few mins ago, my bowel movements decided they wanted to participate in this malady. AAAAAAAAAA….Tomorrow morning at 6:30am, I have a flight to Denmark. Me and mum are going to visit my sister’s boyfriend’s parents, and also have some time in Copenhagen. I did not want to be sick…but with the low grade fever and sore throat I think I could manage. However, this new development is making me worried…I have a 3hours 15mins flight, and I want no surprises….Let us see how it goes 😀

Wish me luck!


19 08 2010

Why…Why Oh Why!?! Why is it that when I have made plans to meet my lovely cousin from the UK who is visiting Malta for the week, I need to feel sick…Ugh!!…What happened, you might ask? Well my cousin and her boyfriend are currently here in Malta so that she shows her bf what Malta is all about (right in the middle of August with all the heat haha)…Yesterday I made plans to meet up with them after work, and show them a bit around…However yesterday the moment I went into bed I started feeling a sore throat…during the night I kept waking up with a sore throat, blocked nose, headache etc…At about 3am I took a Panadol and managed to sleep.

This morning I have therefore smsd my manager asking whether I could go in a bit late so that I go visit the doctor, since he opens at 8am (I do not want to miss work…need to train my manager etc etc and tonight I want to go out with my cousin)…so I will soon be off to see the doctor, to see what he says. Then depending on that work…meet my cousin and sleep…But it is not good to feel so rotten 😦

Good morning!

13 08 2010

Good morning to everyone…have not blogged in some days…it is not because nothing has happened…but nothing seemed to merit a post (especially after someone said that I blog about every little thing :(…I have been on a boat trip with Bernard and a couple friend of ours (Julian and Christine)…it was the first time Bernard took the boat out by himself, without his father…we really enjoyed it and had a good afternoon trip out of it (especially since I got to get off work early)…everything went well..e.xcept that on the way back, one of the screws stopped working…but since it has 2 it was not much of a problem and we managed to arrive back home in time to go for the meal at our aunt’s house (My brother is in Malta to attend a work related course and they invited us over for dinner :D).

Wednesday was an afternoon of lazing about…weeeeeeeeee…some days I really need this…so could not complain much 😀

Yesterday, after work I went to visit my poor, sick, baby. I also got to meet Bernard’s brother’s girlfriend’s parents (I know it complicated but you will get it), who were invited to their house for the first time…As usual…Bee’s brother keeps amazing me further and further and further :D…oh and Bee’s sister came back from a holiday in Slovenia and she bought me 2 really cute T-shirts (need to lose a teeny-weeny bit of weight for them to fit perfectly…but they are OK overall…and they are really nice :D)

Back to Work?

11 06 2010

Oh No!…not yet…

This morning I woke up ready to go to work…after two days at home I was ready to go (although I was still not feeling 100% fit)…dressed up and was ready to leave…unfortunately my body decided it wants me to stay home…so here I am updating you all instead of on my way to work…

So what will I do today?…probably live through the Cheltenham Science Festival alongside my sister and the other bloggers on the UCL blog. This festival looks really exciting and I wish I could be there…More details about why my sister is at the CSF can be found on her blog…My Path Through Research. There are a number of posts about the subject. I hope I feel a bit better to perhaps to do a bit of work on my masters…Will see!

Good Day