10 10 2010

Today I decided I needed some ME! time. So I decided to make away with plans for most of the day. I knew what I wanted to do, but was quite relaxed. This morning I woke up at 8:30am (gosh, I am really sleeping a lot here…but who am I to complain 🙂 ). I immediately proceeded to wash my dirty laundry. Today was my first wash. I managed to wash nearly everything (except 3 white tops, which I did not want to put in with all the other stuff), and got everything dry. It cost me Eur5 aaaaa…Eur2.50 for the wash and Eur2.50 for the tumble dry, and that took up 2.5hours of my day :S. Luckily everything got dry, no colours ran (I put in some white underwear and a white cloth), and everything was successful.

After this, I cooked, ate and relaxed a bit (also had a nap 🙂 )…my first nap in Dublin weeeeeeee. In the afternoon I did some shopping, since on Mondays and Tuesdays Tesco closes quite early, and if I decide to go to the gym, it will not be possible to go shopping too. I also bought some hot chocolate mmmmmmmmm.

Then tonight I had the only thing that was planned in the whole day. Last Sunday I went to the 6:30pm mass at Our Lady of Victories church. I got into the Young Adult group, and offered my services as a reader (the other option was to sing in the gospel choir…so no real option there 🙂 ). Therefore today I went there a bit early to see how things work, and during mass read the introduction :). I even got a mention on the song sheet and another mention by the priest who advised all present that I was from Malta weeeee. Will be back next week…will see how this goes 🙂


Should be asleep

29 08 2010

It is 11pm here in Malta, and I should be asleep, cos tomorrow I have a 6:30am flight to Billund…however I cannot sleep…so came to surf the net to pass the time, and have decided to post a blog post…I have too many thoughts running through my head at the moment in order for me to manage to sleep…am I taking the right decisions with respect to what my life will bring with it from now on?, am I being fair to everyone involved?…I do not want to screw up what I have till now…Am I capable of getting my PhD?…will I manage to move away from home and live in another country? To put the cherry on the cake, I have not been feeling so grand lately…the fever is still on, and I still have a slight cold…but otherwise I am OK…hope everything works out for the best.

I will try to go back to sleep now. Love you all (especially you reading this post whilst half asleep…Thank you)


Bed sweet Bed!

23 07 2010

Just woke up after another good night’s sleep, and feeling very grateful for that. I think all this swimming is giving out its benefits. I tend to be a bad sleeper. I love to sleep mind you, but I take a long time to go to sleep, wake up frequently and then take a long time to go back to sleep and then just have to get out of bed around 45 mins before my alarm clock, because it would be more tiring to try to go back to sleep. However, these past 2 days, I am managing a very good night’s sleep. Even if I wake up in the middle of the night, within a few minutes I am back in dream land. I believe it is going to swim after work, which is reaping its benefits. Do not know, but hey I am not complaining 😀