19 08 2010

Why…Why Oh Why!?! Why is it that when I have made plans to meet my lovely cousin from the UK who is visiting Malta for the week, I need to feel sick…Ugh!!…What happened, you might ask? Well my cousin and her boyfriend are currently here in Malta so that she shows her bf what Malta is all about (right in the middle of August with all the heat haha)…Yesterday I made plans to meet up with them after work, and show them a bit around…However yesterday the moment I went into bed I started feeling a sore throat…during the night I kept waking up with a sore throat, blocked nose, headache etc…At about 3am I took a Panadol and managed to sleep.

This morning I have therefore smsd my manager asking whether I could go in a bit late so that I go visit the doctor, since he opens at 8am (I do not want to miss work…need to train my manager etc etc and tonight I want to go out with my cousin)…so I will soon be off to see the doctor, to see what he says. Then depending on that work…meet my cousin and sleep…But it is not good to feel so rotten 😦