Exciting Times

14 04 2011

Exciting times ahead 🙂 In less than an hour I should be off to pick up my mum and Bernard from the airport (thank you Ross: Big Hug) and then the Easter adventure begins. My whole family will be descending on Ireland slowly for our Easter trip 🙂 I cannot wait. It will be chaotic…definitely, but hopefully fun.

Doctor Visits

5 11 2010

For the past few days I have not been feeling all that well. Earlier on in the week I therefore started taking some off the counter medicines which Dr Brincat ordered, and also went to figure out how to attend the health clinic at University. Well, the nurse saw me and gave me a quick check up. She told me that I had an inflamed throat but nothing seems so bad. So she registered me with the clinic and told me to come back if I keep feeling sick.

Yesterday the guy sitting next to me in the lab (Ross) left after a doctor’s visit (another doctor, not the Uni one cos he has said that it takes up to a week to get an appointment apparently). Last night I was feeling a bit worse, and in fact after Uni I just went into bed and watched Grey’s anatomy episodes (no complaints).

However, especially since the weekend is coming, I did not know if I would have to wait for a week for an appointment etc, this morning I went to the health clinic at Uni, and asked for an appointment. The receptionist asked if I was willing to see the doctor then, and I said sure. 10 minutes later I was next to the doctor (faster than in Malta 🙂 so no complaints).

Apparently I have a viral infection. The doctor said that it takes around 7-10 days to clear and days 4-5 are the worst. So it seems that I am in the worst part. She also prescribed antibiotics just in case things get worse during the weekend, however I have not started taking them yet. Sticking with Dr Brincat’s prescription for now :). The doctor was really quite nice. We had a chat about my research as well and she sounded interested in what I am doing.

The nice thing at the end? The doctor’s consultation is free. This is what I found strange. Irish residents need to pay Eur 10 for a consultation at the Uni clinic for students or around Eur 60 for other GPs. However since I have a European Health ID Card it is free for me (although not for Irish with an EHIC). I am not complaining…not at all…but I found it a bit strange.

Well I am still on Dr Brincat’s prescription, but not doing too bad. Will see how it goes 🙂

The doctor was nice...so I send her this card as well :)

The doctor was nice...so I send her this card as well 🙂

My First Visitor…Day 1

26 10 2010

Sorry for not posting much lately, but I have been kept quite busy over the weekend. The first visitor to my humble abode came on Saturday afternoon and left early this morning (too early might I say but anyways). And this was no ordinary visitor…weeee I got a visit from my dear bf Bernard. Luckily Monday (yesterday) was a bank holiday here in Ireland. Therefore I got the whole day to spend with him :). We had figured that out after he had already bought the ticket, so it was a pleasant surprise.

After picking him up at the airport, we immediately made our way to my residence. Luckily I do not live far away from the airport (10minute bus ride), and so we were soon there. We dropped everything off and we left to go to the Omni Park nearby, here I generally do all my shopping. We went round for a bit since it was soon closing time (yes shops in Ireland have quite short opening times, especially at weekends and public holidays) and then went to search for someplace to eat. I do not get round much, and the area I live in is quite residential. So restaurants are not that plentiful. However at the omni park we found Eddie Rockets store and we decided on that (we also had McDonalds, Burger King, KFC, Pizza Hut and a Chinese restaurant to choose from…it is surprising that in such a small place you would get all the main fast food restaurants within less than a minute’s walk from each other…generally these are joined by Subway as well…but this is a recurring theme in Dublin).

I had a Grilled Pineapple Hamburger whilst Bernard had a Smokestack. After dinner we opted for an apple pie with ice cream and a milkshake. The food was really delicious  and the portions quite big MMMMMMM. We have nothing to complain about that. Any complaints are regarding the service, if there was any. After around 10minutes of having sat down we had to ask for a menu to be brought to us. Then we had to flag down a waiter to get our order taken (although she did excuse herself). However once we were successful at ordering, the food did not take too long to arrive and it was mouth-watering. Another complaint I would make would be that we ordered a combo. However on the receipt they place on the table, the price of the separate items is shown. Then when we ordered dessert, we got another receipt showing just the deserts we had ordered, however we got a price of around 30Eur. We ate everything and went to pay. We were told that the receipts always come out like that. Then they will discount the combo meal and the total price would show on each additional receipt even though nothing shows this.

At this point we were full and tired. We went back to the residence, I watched some Grey’s Anatomy whilst Bernard set up my Irish mobile. Then we had a good night’s sleep 🙂