6 01 2011

Weeee…I might get another visitor in January. At the end of January, my sister Ann will be visiting me for the first time in Dublin (3 weeks to go weeeee). Today I got talking to another friend Christabelle, who has been planning to come visit some time. She decided that she would join my sister on her weekend visit and so will probably join her. She still needs to buy her ticket etc…but hopefully she will make it.

Therefore in 3 week’s time I should have a minimum of 1, but hopefully 2 (anyone else??) visitors. I have something to look forward to, which is great, especially in these dark nights. It seems that since I moved back after Christmas I am waking up in the dark (sunrise is around 8:30am) and getting home in the dark (the sun sets at around 4:30pm). I cannot wait for the longer days to come. Here in Dublin, winter days are much shorter to those in Malta, but then summer days are much longer. From what I can see, the days grow longer by around 10 mins a week…come on longer days come here come here. And most of the time where the ‘sun’ is out, I am inside :(…so come on sun…come come šŸ™‚

My First Visitor…Day 3

26 10 2010

Day 3 came about. Another sunny day. But today was certainly not as cold as the day before. Today we again made our way to the centre of town, where we went on the Free Walking Tour organised to Sandemans New Europe. We were informed that due to the Dublin Marathon, parts of the city would be closed off, so we would have an abridged version.

I had already been on the walking tour beforeĀ on my first visit to Dublin with my mum to visit the University. The tour took pretty much the same route as the last time, but at the end it was shortened. Instead he took us to the Irish Famine memorial and he discussed aspects of this famine.

At this point we made our way to the bus stop as we had another important stop…IKEA. We made our way to IKEA on the bus, and passed through Ballymun. BallymunĀ is an area in Dublin, not far from where I am living, about which I have heard a lot. Basically that I should avoid going there. The place is decidedly scary, and I would not want to go there ever :S .

We made it to IKEA and it was open :). It was fullĀ of people. First stop was the IKEAĀ restaurant, where I had some Swedish meat balls and Bernard had rice with some sauce. For dessert I had carrot and walnut cake and Bernard chocolate cake mmmmmmm. We then went around the displays and throughout the evening I had a little child in a candy store with me. Bernard always likes this kind of stuff and therefore he was a happy boy :).

We did some shopping, dropped everything back home, went to the OmniĀ Park to buy some stuff we had seen before, beforeĀ it closes, and then came back home. At this point Bernard packed his luggage before we went out to dinner. This time was again Eddie Rockets since we did not feel like Chinese or any of the other fast food outlets.

At this point we went home and had an early night, since the next morning we had to be up at 4am so that Bernard catches the 5am bus to the airport. After a short sleep we both woke up and left for the airport after a quick good bye he went through security. I made my way back home and crawled back into bed for a further 2 hours or so before I had to make my way to Uni šŸ™‚

My first visitor to Dublin has come and gone…Who will be next?…Ann? Bernard again? Maybe Christabelle? Or maybe someone else completely šŸ™‚


3 06 2010

Wippie!…my 1st visitors who are notĀ from the UK or Malta…Yeah…someone from the US…welcome…and if you see this I hope they come again…

by the way…my new job’s contract is somewhere going round in Malta (according to the courier tracking service :D) YEAH…I have already seen it scanned…but now I will have my official one.