Weekend nearly over!

25 07 2010

Sunday evening, and another weekend is over! Not much happened. Saturday evening, however I went to an International Evening organised as part of the FIMCAP, Eurocamp 2010 (AMASS), held in Malta, and hosted by ZAK Malta. I was very active in ZAK a couple of years back, and I have fond memories of my time there. Bernard is still active, and hence he was invited (with me in tow) to the International Evening. This evening basically consists of people from the different countries sharing typical foods of their countries, followed by a presentation (play or song) typical of the country. It was a great evening overall. I met a couple of my ZAK friends, many of which are Bernard and my friends away from ZAK too and rekindled nostalgia for my ZAK years. ZAK brings great memories to me…live ins, exchanges, camps etc etc.

Today I went to eat at my aunts’ house for lunch. This week, Zurrieq (my home town) celebrates one of its 2 local feasts, known as Tal-Karmnu (Our Lady of Mount Carmel). I enjoy feasts, but never really go to any. I know is sounds contradictory but it is true. Especially since the number of close friends in Zurrieq is quite low, I tend to skip the Zurrieq feasts. After lunch, I went to Bernard’s house, and after some rest, we went swimming together with his parents, 2 of his aunts, a cousin and PIXY THE PIXX. We went to Fra Ben at Qawra. Reason being that this weekend very strong winds are blowing over Malta (Force 7). This bay is sheltered from these Northwesterly winds and therefore we could enjoy a swim.

Now I am back home, I started packing for my trip to Dublin tomorrow, and soon will be off to sleep. Cannot wait to go! I will be visiting the University I should hopefully start my PhD in next year, meet my supervisor etc etc. I hope everything turns out fine. quite a bit stressed at the moment (Not too stressed. More excited I think).

Good night




18 07 2010

Just arrived back, tired, sunburnt and sad :(…that the weekend is over that is…I have spent the past 48 hours or so in the beautiful island of Gozo , together with my lovely bf, Bernard…We both love to go to Gozo…there life seems to take on another meaning…you have time to relax and enjoy your time. However it is often difficult to just up and leave everything, since something is always happening. However, since on Saturday we had our anniversary (5 years together weeeeee), we decided to take on this trip, after another successful trip last year.

Friday saw us leaving Malta quite late, because Bernard had to help his father out to fix the boat moorings prior to them taking their boat to sea for the summer. We arrived in Gozo at about 10:15pm, and stopped at a restaurant close to the Mgarr Port to eat. We ate al fresco on their terrace with the beautiful view of Comino and Malta in front of us. After that, it was straight to the flat (which my aunt luckily allows us to use whenever we go to Gozo), and went to sleep.

Saturday saw us waking up at around 8am and soon after we left to go to Victoria, Gozo’s capital city. Here we had breakfast at a cafe and proceeded to go round the shops at Victoria. I wanted to buy some clothes. As usual, I did not manage to find anything I liked, whilst Bernard managed to buy 2 shorts, 2 shirts and a pair of trousers for Eur54 :(. At around 1pm, we went to the flat, changed into our swimsuits and went to swim at Qbajjar…a short walk from our flat. At around 4pm, we proceeded to go to Lunch at a restaurant overlooking the Qbajjar Bay. This was followed by mass at Qbajjar after changing into appropriate clothes.

Saturday night saw us going to Victoria again, where the San Gorg feast was on. We saw posters talking about San Gorg Megalomartri…and we have no idea what a Megalomartri is :D…can anyone enlighten us? After this, we went back to Marsalforn, where we had dinner. After a short walk we went back to sleep 😀

This brings us to today, Sunday, where the programme consisted of SWIMMING! After breakfast at Victoria again, we left to go swimming at Ramla Bay. However, on the way we stopped to buy our new friend…PIXY the PIXX :D…hihi…she is a cute adorable inflatable fish…should be a ring which you can place around yourself…however the hole in the middle is too small for either me or Bernard :(…nonetheless swimming with us she came.

Ramla Bay, Gozo

At around 1:30pm we went to collect some food from a bakery in Nadur, il-Maxokk Bakery. We normally buy from Mekren Bakery, also from Nadur, since we think the quality is better. However we found out that Mekren is closed on Sundays…so off to Maxokk we went. We picked up our food, and proceeded to Hondoq ir-Rummien.

Hondoq ir-Rummien, Gozo

Bernard parked just 5metres away from the shore, and we ate looking at the beautiful sea, Comino and Malta. The sea at Hondoq is absolutely BEAUTIFUL. It is crystal clear and quite a number of fish, crabs and other animals (luckily no jellyfish…not at any part of our holiday). We did not want to leave, but alas we had to. After some time swimming, we went back to the flat, washed, changed, packed and left to come back to Malta. With a lot of new memories and Pixy the Pixx :D…Hope we will have many more such weekends together.

Thank you Bernard for the past 5 years…hope we have many more together!…wove u!!

The way I roll

2 07 2010

Good morning, today I am off work WIPPIE. I have taken yesterday afternoon and all day today as leave. And this weekend…I am off to my aunt’s place at Ghadira to hopefully relax, swim and enjoy myself with my mum and brother (who came over for two weeks). So why am I still here if I am off work. Well, I have already stated previously that I have given in my notice at work. Although I have a job lined up, I am still searching in this time to perhaps get something better. Yesterday I had a job interview (very strange…the moment I arrived home I got another phone call from them asking me to go back for my second interview…so it seems that I did well WIPPIE…now I will see whether I hear from them). Then today I have a telephone interview for a PhD position. This is what I am really excited about. I had another interview for a PhD position earlier on this week, which the supervisor informed me I got it. However I am still waiting for official confirmation. Now we will see how today’s interview goes and then I will hopefully hear from yesterday’s interview, and then I will have a decision to make…aaaaaaaaa…Although I HATE decision-making whenever it has anything to do with my life…(strangely in my work and studies I do not find such problems)…I am still happy…because they all sound, look exciting…Pray for me and hope for the best.

Happy Sha La La

5 06 2010

Finally…my master’s thesis conclusion is Ready. I have finished writing the bulk of my thesis around a month ago. However I have been procrastinating about the last part. I had placed most of what I wanted to put in my conclusion as points, however I never got round to writing them in coherent paragraphs. This week I called my tutor to see where he got to with the first three chapters of my master’s thesis I had sent around a month ago, and he told me to send him everything together.

 (Actually he said something like…oh you sent them to me…sorry I have not gotten around to them…I am quite busy at the moment [it is true…he is not usually that way but lately he is not himself]…and then he was like…where have you gotten with the rest I replied that I am ready…I just need to do some final checks and I could send it to him. although I was waiting for him to send me the first three chapters first…and he was like…Ah…better send everything together and I will try to see them…however not for now etc etc..)

..but that was a necessary kick in the butt…and this morning I woke up and wrote it down…all that’s left is that I:

  • Re read it tomorrow, with a fresh outlook
  • Send it to mum for proof reading
  • Send it to my sister for scientific coherence checking
  • Convert the last three chapters (results, discussion, conclusions) from .pdf to .doc
  • Re check the .doc document that the conversion is right, and do any necessary changes
  • Send it to my tutor
  • Wait
  • Wait
  • Wait…
  • ….
  • …Wait
  • Do any changes he suggests (hopefully not much)
  • Submit and wait for Viva examination
  • Graduate

Hopefully the Viva exam would not be in September, cos that would probably mean having to come to Malta around 1 week or 2 after going abroad…however we will see.

Happy weekend…long weekend for the Maltese People out there