Life after work and before the rest of your life!

19 09 2010

So what have I been up to in my lazing about life? All I can say is that it feels good to have actual holidays…when you know you have very little to do. All I need to do is fix up my masters thesis based on the changes requested, and the rest is all free time. It feels like summer holidays way back when I had no summer job. I have time to read books, watch TV (I am catching up on the latest episodes of everything…whatever I miss in the evening shows I can see in the morning repeats haha) and SWIMMING. The last is true…I do not think I have gone swimming as much in years. Possibly since I was around 16 when we used to go swimming everyday at Wied iz-Zurrieq with friends. Generally at around 1pm me and mum leave to Ghar Lapsi to swim. I have not been to Ghar Lapsi much before, but this place is really beautiful.

Ghar Lapsi

Ghar Lapsi

In addition, the weather has been playing up a bit lately, with some windy days and then some rain etc etc. Due to the location of Ghar Lapsi it is rarely (if ever) not fit for swimming. I have got a tan I have not had in years. We just go for 1 hour max but it feels good 😀

The Last Day of my Life as Was!

28 08 2010

Yesterday was my last day of work at GSD!…It was a bittersweet thing…although I am happy I am leaving, excited about the new projects etc etc, I know I will be leaving some good friends behind, and I really hope we manage to keep in touch :). So, what did yesterday consist of?…Well at work I admittedly did not do much actual work…although I did some…especially since Anna (the Customer Care Personnel, who falls under our department) is off sick…so I had to take over some of her responsibilites…but Oh Well!…I also went round bearing chocolates…I found these Cadbury Goody Bags, which were really good, as different people take whatever they like 😀

Cadbury Goody Bay

Cadbury Goody Bay

Like this, I could go round the company and talk and thank the people who mattered most during my time at GSD. I also sent special thanks to my first manager at the company, Ruth, and the Operations Manager Peter. I really appreciate all they have done for me and I have learnt a lot from them 😀 . I also got to meet up with the General Manager, and we had a small chat. She seemed very interested in all I will be doing, and has asked me to keep in touch. She also gave me a pen WEEEE!!

After saying my goodbyes, I left to go home, and prepared for yesterday’s evening BBQ. Since Bernard is at Kamp Sajf, he could not come with me to the BBQ. Whilst preparing, I asked mum whether she wanted that we go swimming and then go to the BBQ together…so off we went. It was a great evening…a group of good friends, chatting and having fun and EATING!…As soon as we were ready to leave, Peter called that he is coming over (he told us he is coming late…it was just past midnight I think hihi)…so we waited until he came, and we talked for a bit…he said he wanted to make sure I am leaving and that next week I go to visit the beautiful Danish country!

Then off home and SLEEP till this morning, when I woke up feeling a bit sick…sore throat etc…but nothing too bad I hope.

Give…Kamp Sajf

25 08 2010

So…what have I been up to lately? Well, last weekend we had the GIVE campaign at work. This consisted of a weekend of activities at the factory, in order to collect money for the Malta Community Chest Fund. This saw the whole company mobilised over the weekend to give a helping hand…from cash points, to tour guides, to donation seekers, to marketing etc etc. It was a truly nice experience, and I hope it will not be the last time it will be held. This was the first time and although I think there is much to improve, it will certainly keep improving year after year.

At the moment, Bernard is also spending the week at the ZAK Kamp Sajf i.e. summer camp. He left last Saturday, and after all the different age groups have visited etc, he will be exhausted but happy next Sunday I hope. I have been visiting after work etc to help out. He is responsible for the cooking, so I generally go help out there. This is a video from a previous version:

I am off to work…sorry for the short post…but well…talk to you soon!


19 08 2010

Why…Why Oh Why!?! Why is it that when I have made plans to meet my lovely cousin from the UK who is visiting Malta for the week, I need to feel sick…Ugh!!…What happened, you might ask? Well my cousin and her boyfriend are currently here in Malta so that she shows her bf what Malta is all about (right in the middle of August with all the heat haha)…Yesterday I made plans to meet up with them after work, and show them a bit around…However yesterday the moment I went into bed I started feeling a sore throat…during the night I kept waking up with a sore throat, blocked nose, headache etc…At about 3am I took a Panadol and managed to sleep.

This morning I have therefore smsd my manager asking whether I could go in a bit late so that I go visit the doctor, since he opens at 8am (I do not want to miss work…need to train my manager etc etc and tonight I want to go out with my cousin)…so I will soon be off to see the doctor, to see what he says. Then depending on that work…meet my cousin and sleep…But it is not good to feel so rotten 😦

It’s been a hard day’s work!

18 08 2010

Yesterday evening, after my hospital visit I received a call from my manager to tell me that today I was to go to Gozo to check out some complaints we have had there. Therefore this morning I went into work, and as soon as my manager came in we discussed the issues I need to check on in Gozo and at 8:30am I was off to catch the ferry. Once I reached the ferry, a ferry was in dock and cars were going up. However there were another 6 lanes to go up before me, and after a few minutes it left the quay. The next ferry came in, but I did not manage to make it in either…for just 6 cars…but anyways. Finally the 3rd boat came in and off I went. On the ferry I met up with Lara (a BSc friend) and we had a good chat and at long last at 11am I arrived in Gozo…WEEEEEEEEEE!!

I made my way up to Arkadia, where I was to meet my contact, Leli. He is a sales guy responsible for Gozo. He told me he will be there in about 10mins. So I went around the shops, and met up with Clarissa, who is on holiday in Gozo with her family. As soon as Leli called me I met up with him, and we went to the first shop. We then left to see the Gozo Warehouse, since he needed to take some money there and then went to the second shop. We arrived at the shop at 11:45am…but it was closed…hmmmmmmmm…he should close at noon :S…well we tried calling him but to no avail. I called my manager and he tried contacting him as well…but he was also unsuccessful.

Me and Leli went to another shop, in the vicinity since he had some work to do. By this time my manager called back and told me to stay in Gozo till 4pm, when the shop opens again. Hmmm…what to do? So Leli took me back to Arkadia, where I again met up with Clarissa et al and had a good chat till about 2:15pm. At this time, my mum (she has gone up to Gozo for the next 5 days or so) smsd saying she arrived in Gozo…weeeeeeeeee…I told her to come to Arkadia to meet up, so the friends she was with left her at Arkadia. She arrived and off we went to Marsalforn…as soon as I arrived at the flat I looked around and found an old swim suit (from when I was around 12 years old)…I managed to fit into it, and told mum to go swimming.

Off we went to Qbajjar, which is a rocky beach next to the flat. We spent around 30mins swimming, then went up again went to her friends’ flat (about 30sec away from my aunt’s flat where my mum is staying) and chatted a bit. However 4pm was close approaching. So I called Leli again and told him I will be meeting him next to the Nadur Church. He said ‘bully’ (his exact words hihi), I had a shower and changed to my work clothes again, and off we went to the shop.

The guy was there luckily this time, and he was quite nice (other people said he was very very angry etc etc)…I took the details of his complaint and made my way back to Malta. This time the trip was easier haha…just arrived at the ferry, paid my fee and went straight up on the ferry. Then back to work, and I am finally home!

It was a great ‘day at work’ hihi…tiring but fun, for days like this when you know that you are still leaving, other people are taking care of your jobs back at the office, and therefore do not have to worry about time lost…WEEEEEEEEEE

2 Weeks to GO!

13 08 2010

WEEEEEEEE…in 2 weeks’ time I’ll be officially off work :D…I have given my notice about 2.5months ago…and now I am ready to leave…my replacement has been employed, and he is now taking over most of the roles, with me just being available to help him out if he gets stuck etc…I should also be training my manager into what my role is. I had given him all the training more than a year ago when he starting working at the company…however he never paid much attention to whatever I said. Consequently he never had a clue as to what I was doing and never even bothered to give me any support whatsoever.

Now I can see that he is worried that the new guy will know more than him. Therefore I should be training him…but as with anything with this guy the time and date never comes…Last week it was next week we will start…mon he said Tues…and so on and on and on…Consequently it is Friday today and I have not given him any training…any time I tell him whenever shall we do this…it is always…give me some time…and with anything I have ever needed support during our time together the time never comes…he is always very ‘busy’…I cannot understand doing what…but anyways…

So how am I occupying my last days (weeks) of work?…Well…next week we have a fundraising activity for the Malta Community Chest Fund and I have been helping out wherever I can..have finished most of the new guy’s training (so now I am letting him do all the work, whilst I sort of supervise to ensure that he is doing everything right)…and doing some document shredding to help out another girl at work…

Two weeks to go…then 1 week in Denmark…3.5 weeks at home lazing about (and hopefully doing my master’s Viva)…then DUBLIN!…some things might also come into play to fill in those empty 3.5 weeks…we will see 😀

Pixy goes SWIMMING!

22 07 2010

Today, after work I rushed back home changed into my swim suit, went to Bernard’s and off we left to Marsascala. It was Pixy d Pixx’s first time swimming in Malta (yesterday I also went swimming at Ghar Lapsi, whilst Bernard and my cousin were diving, however we did not take Pixy with us). Here is a photo of me and Pixy in the sea.

Pixy and Me at Marsascala

I am finding it to be a great thing to be able to go swimming for an hour or so after work. The weather is such that you do not feel like doing anything. So like this you get to cool off, and then arrive home when the sun has gone down and it is not so hot after all 😀 This is the first time in ever I think that I have gone swimming after work since I finished my degree course. The first summer, Bernard was away for 6 weeks on an internship, last year at this time I was going to Uni nearly every day to work on my master’s analysis. So this year it feels great to be able to relax after work :D. Although I believe that once the PhD starts (or even after next week when I visit Dublin), the work starts again 😀