Hello World…this is me…

Well…who on earth is cecifeci? I am a 28 (currently) year old girl from the beautiful island of Malta! This blog started when I had just spread my wings to Dublin, Ireland, where I started my PhD studies. I used this blog to try and keep in touch with all friends in Malta (and abroad) and to update them with all that’s happening in my life…After a couple of years of doing that I stopped updating the blog (for one reason or the other), but I recently started it up to chart my new life in the UK (see HERE) and I am mainly using the blog to update on our allotment whenever I feel like it.

Hope you enjoy this journey together with me!



Me with my beautiful facial features

7 responses

28 07 2010

love the pics :))

5 08 2010

Glad somebody does 😀

22 09 2010

Hi, nice to meet you !

18 03 2011
Laura Collins

Fantastic blog sweetie!!

18 03 2011

Ohhh…Thank you 🙂 Glad you like it. It is just a random set of what I am up to etc.

28 03 2011

Dear Cecilia!
I decide to learn English writing with your blog. You are my teacher since now! 😀

1 09 2015
Rebecca Una

Hello i’m so glad to have stumbled upon your blog. I think it’s great and well done for your PhD studies. I wish you the very best of luck 😉….my husband and i hope to move to Dublin in the next year or so…your blog can be very helpful for us…to see what life is like there. I’ve been to Ireland 6 times but only on holiday. Are you happy there? Or are you dying to come back to Malta? Looking forward to your next post! I like the facial pictures too☺…take care, Rebecca Una

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