Recruitment Saga

19 07 2010

Last Thursday I sent an email to the people at EMBO, where I should have started my employment this September, where I informed them about my decision to take on the PhD studentship. This morning I received a really nice email from my prospective manager, where she basically understood my decision to further my studies and wished me luck. I am sure I would have gotten on well with her, and I am glad that we ended the saga on a good note :D. All that remains is that the HR people contact me to finalize some details.

Now that this is over, I look forward to visiting Dublin next week, and see what awaits at DCU. I should have time to go round the city, visit the University, and most importantly meet my supervisor and visit the lab :D. I hope (and believe) that nothing goes wrong, so that this September/October I can start the next chapter of my life. I am sure it will be hard…but hopefully worth it at the end.



3 06 2010

Wippie!…my 1st visitors who are notĀ from the UK or Malta…Yeah…someone from the US…welcome…and if you see this I hope they come again…

by the way…my new job’s contract is somewhere going round in Malta (according to the courier tracking service :D) YEAH…I have already seen it scanned…but now I will have my official one.

Spreading my wings…

1 06 2010

Yippie…finally it’s official…I will leave my current work place at the end of August to start my new adventure….Luckily it was not so hard to get released from work…I also told the people who matter (and 1 person who doesn’t really but hey…), and they all seem happy for me…hopefully not happy that I’m leaving and that they’re getting rid of me haha…

Well, not really certain where this adventure will take me…but pretty ready for it…Let’s see how it goes…I am waiting for a couple of things to settle…but currently the plan is to go to Germany in September and start working there…you would all be able to come and visit…YEAH!