Birthday Dinner with Bee!

14 09 2010

Last Sunday…12th September…was my 24th birthday weeeeeeeee…so how did I celebrate? Well, I did a whole mixx maxx of things over a period of 3 days, which together made up my birthday celebrations. First up was dinner on Friday evening…me and Bernard went to Ferretti…the restaurant has not been opened long, but I have been wanting to go for ages due to its beautiful setting, and having heard about the good food there from Bernard who has been before. The restaurant is set in a historic battery, and is overlooking the sea at BBugia…it even has a moat :D. I remember passing close by a few years ago and peeping through the railing of this old old battery. However this has now been restored beautifully.

Ferretti Restaurant View

Ferretti Restaurant View

Therefore after a ride with my eyes closed, cos Bernard did not want me to see where we were going…although I had a feeling we were going there…Bernard told me to open my eyes (he did not even think of bringing a blindfold pfffffff) and I was at the entrance (with Bernard you rarely have to walk very far cos he always manages to park just where he wants to go).

 On entering we were immediately shown to our table, which was at the lower outer deck, at the moat level. Not many people were around us, so it was really nice and peaceful…just us, the sea, the waiters and someone sometimes passing by. We were given our menus and we started poring over them…mmmmm…we had only one problem…too many things looked really good. We settled on a starter of seafood ravioli for Bernard and lamb quadroni for myself, followed by stuffed calamari with salmon and yoghurt for myself and chicken with gorgonzola cheese and parma ham for Bernard.

I also chose the wine, since I am the person who generally does not like the wine. Luckily the wine menu had some sort of description of the wine on them, making it easier for me to choose. We love Roses…so I had not much to choose from luckily…I decided on the Medina Rosé Grenache D.O.K. Malta…simply because I like aromatic things and the description included aromatic haha…After my close scrutiny and vast knowledge of wines (heqq hmmm) I was not disappointed…even the wine serving service was an experience in itself. And the wine was really good…Wippie…I even drank faster than Bernard hihi…

The food was delicious…even the bread at the beginning…was not simply bread rolls but rosemary bread twists…and from the food the stuffed calamari were especially good…I cannot describe it…mmmmmmm…and I even had them all to myself since Bernard does not like calamari or octopus etc…haha. We were stuffed by the end…but we can always make room for dessert…A Chocolate Fudge for Bernard (surprise surprise he had chocolate) and I only wanted something small…so had a lemon sorbet.

Then stuffed and ready we went home to sleep 😀




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14 09 2010

Happy Birthday! My birthday was a good day – but still waiting to celebrate it with Michael :P.

14 09 2010

ohhhhhhhh…enjoy your bday for when u celebrate it with him!

16 09 2010
Gozo | My Commentary…

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