14 09 2010

Bday part 3: Gozo.

After the Rockestra concert, Bernard, Julian, Christine and myself left to go to Gozo. We caught the 1am ferry and arrived at Julian’s family’s flat in Nadur. His dad had been in Gozo earlier in the day and bought pizzas for us weee…so as soon as we arrived we dug into the pizzas, had something to drink and plopped into bed. The next morning we woke up late (around 9am), lazed a bit around, then left to go to Victoria, the capital city of Gozo. Here we had some breakfast: Goat’s cheese qassatat and chocolate milkshake for myself. After this we left to go to Xlendi, where we went for a walk along the shore, up till the tower.

Xlendi Bay...with tower visible

Xlendi Bay...with tower visible

We chatted along the way, and had a relaxing time. This brought us to lunch time. We went to the Country Terrace Restaurant at Mgarr. We found a table outside overlooking the Mgarr Gozo port, Comino and Malta. On such a nice day they were really breathtaking views. Now that I know I am leaving Malta, I guess I have started appreciating these things more and more each day! We decided on our selection: calamari for Julian, Squid Ink ravioli for Christine, Beef Steak for Bernard and pasta parcels with rikotta and pears for me. MMMMMMMMMM. Whilst waiting we were (as usual) brought the bread basket. Again we were pleasantly surprised (it seems as the thing to do in Malta to give different breads)…Instead of the normal rolls, we got warm rolls, all of which are different…brown, with olives etc etc…MMMMMMM (we asked for more hihi).

After Lunch we went back to the flat, where we changed into our swimsuits (except Julian who left his in Malta pfff) and went to Hondoq ir-Rummien. We do not go onto the beach part however we prefer the rocks. There fewer people would be around and the sea is simply beautiful (and you can park mere metres away from the sea). Bernard, Christine and myself jumped into the sea, whilst Julian stayed in the car listening to sports…so he was certainly not disappointed. After an hour or so of swimming, off we went to the flat, got our things and left to come to Malta.

Thank you Bernard, Julian and Christine for a wonderful birth day!

Hondoq ir-Rummien

Hondoq ir-Rummien




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